How do I find a DIN?

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DIN stands for Drug Identification Number. We use that number to verify eligibility of drug products during our claims reimbursement process. DINs are typically 6 to 8 digits long, but some pharmacies don't include the zeroes at the beginning of the number. Our system requires 8 digits. If your DIN is less than 8 digits, please add the appropriate number of zeroes to the beginning of the number. 

A DIN is not the same as an Rx or Tx number. Rx and Tx numbers are just transaction identifiers and don't provide us with information about the drugs. 

To speed up claims processing times, and get your money quicker, it's best to add a receipt for your prescription drugs to your claim. Making sure it's a receipt that includes the DIN is the goal 😀

If you haven't added a receipt, we may need to reach out for further information regarding the DIN. 

Where can I find it? 

Finding your DIN can be tricky! Let's take a look at where it might be hiding! 

On your pharmacy receipt

The DIN will be listed on your "official" pharmacy receipt. This is not the register receipt that is associated with your method of payment, but the receipt provided with your prescription directly from the pharmacy.

It is occasionally printed as a sticker and is typically in the paper pharmacy bag with your prescription bottle or box. 


On your prescription bottle or box

You can also find the DIN on your prescription bottle or box, depending on the type of packaging your medication comes in. The DIN is typically located on the sticker label of the packaging. If you don't have a pharmacy receipt, you can upload a photo of your prescription bottle or box and add it to your claim. 

What if I can't find the DIN?

If you can't locate the DIN or no longer have your pharmacy receipt, you can always reach out to your dispensing pharmacy and they can provide the DIN to you.