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Are Travel Insurance Premiums Eligible for Claim Reimbursement?

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This one's kind of tricky!

Yes, travel insurance premiums are certainly claimable BUT only the medical portion of the premium is eligible.

That means in order to claim the medical portion of your travel insurance premiums, the medical portion needs to be broken out from other costs, such as flight costs, luggage fees, airport fees, and other incidental costs due to travel.

You'll need to get a breakdown from your travel insurance provider, such as an itemized statement, which will identify the portion of the travel insurance premium that actually relates to the medical coverage. Then, you can claim the amount for the medical portion.
Be sure to keep this breakdown in your files, in case we need to request it, or in case of future review by the CRA. 

Unfortunately, not all providers are able to provide a breakdown. If you have travel insurance with a provider that can provide a breakdown of the premium, you're good to go (literally - we hope you have/had a great trip)!