How do I select which Plan to claim from?

  • Updated

You can access both of your HSAs with Blendable by logging into either Member Centre. You can use your original login or simply login at 

Once you’re logged in, you'll see both your OSSTF Plan names displayed. Click on the Plan you’d like, and you’ll be directed to the appropriate dashboard. You'll be able to submit a claim to whichever account you're logged into.
As a reminder, the funds in your OSSTF Benefits HSA expire on 2022-08-31, or if you retire or change jobs. Funds in your original HSA remain available to you until they run out.

To switch Plans at any time, click on the dropdown next to your name, in the top righthand corner of the page, and select Pick Plan.  

Need help? Just reach out to our champions on the Blendable team by clicking Support on your login page.