What are the differences between my Plans?

  • Updated

There are a few differences between your original HSA Plan and the OSSTF Benefits HSA! These differences include eligibility dates, fund availability and the 10% Wellness Provision.  Let's review below:

Eligible receipt dates 

  • Your original plan, OSSTF OPT or ESP, started prior to 2020-09-01 so eligible healthcare expenses with service dates prior to that date are reimbursable depending on the availability of funds in that account 
  • Your second plan funds, OSSTF Benefits HSA, are only available for healthcare expenses on 2020-09-01 or later    

Funds availability 

  • With your original plan, funds are available for use until exhausted
  • With the second plan, funds are scheduled to expire 2022-08-31 so you may want to use those funds first for any expenses dated 2020-09-01 or later, for maximum value  

10% Wellness provision 

  • Your original plan provides for 10% of contributions to be available for wellness-related expenses that are not necessarily eligible expenses according to CRA, things like gym memberships and nutritional supplements 
  • The new plan has no such provision, and all expenses must be eligible according to CRA guidelines