How do I get logged in to my online Member Centre?

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If you've already activated your account and chosen a password, just navigate to your custom login page at We recommend you bookmark that page. 

In the login form, enter the email address registered to your account and your password and click on the Login button. 




Open your Welcome Message 

You should have received a Welcome Message from Blendable email address inviting you to register your HSA online in your secure Member Centre. The email subject is "Welcome to your OSSTF Benefits Health Spending Account!" 

Click the Set your password button in Welcome message 

In your Welcome Message are some instructions that ask you to click on the Set Your Password button to get started. 

Choose password 

That Set Your Password button will take you to a secure web page entitled Activate Profile that will ask you to choose a password. Once you've done that, you'll be directed to a confirmation page with the title Account Activated that confirms you were successful choosing and saving a password and that you can now login to your Member Centre. 

Login to Member Centre 

So far, you've only activated your profile. Now let's get you logged in! On that Account Activated confirmation page you'll be asked to login to access your online Member Centre. A link to the login page is on that page or you can navigate directly to

If you've setup your account but are having trouble, see "What do I do if I can't login?"