How does this new HSA enhance my existing benefits?

  • Updated

Your new HSA is over and above the negotiated funding for the OSSTF Benefits Plan. It will complement the benefits you already receive because it can be used for eligible expenses that your existing plan doesn’t cover, or to cover the shortfalls of that coverage.

So, you can submit claims through your OSSTF Benefits Plan first, then any remaining balance through your HSA to get the most value!

Note that if you’ve hit your maximum on an existing benefit or if you already know an expense won’t be covered by your other plan, you don’t need to submit to OTIP first to prove that it isn’t eligible. You can just submit directly for reimbursement through your HSA.

More good news! Unlike your extended health benefits, HSAs aren’t subject to coordination of benefit rules because they’re not considered an insured Plan. No tricky rules to memorize!